Quiet Tree

Quiet Tree is a Swiss trio consisting of Simon Spiess (saxophone / reeds), Jonas Reuther (drums) and Marc Méan (piano & synths). Their music is rooted in the rich, mercurial soil of this thing we tend to call jazz.
Unpacking the tree metaphor a bit further: the crown of this elegant being reaches for, and opens up into, the sprawling cosmic dimensions of the unsound, all types of potential sonic after-futures and echoes of worlds beyond! The band describes their music as an 80s-pop-type sort of warmth, but with a space-jazz approach lifted and transported back somewhere around the year 2040. The project’s key focus is working with the song-form. Every member is responsible for submitting compositions and every piece that makes the final cut, gets a mild improv-based facelift every time it gets played. Their manifesto reads: To tell rich stories using sound, capture colour and energy with melodies.
Make sure to leave ample space for every instrument to breathe! Everything is possible as long as it expresses a core unity. Transpose the awareness of space to listeners, because you can never go wrong with making extra space for others.”

Marc Méan_Piano & Synths
Simon Spiess_Saxophone
Jonas Ruther_Drums

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